Healthy sitting is dynamic sitting: The MOIZI motion

Sitting still? Movement is natural!

Your body knows what’s good for it. We see that in our children every day. However, when we tell them to sit still or when we scold them for tipping their chair, we are, in fact, teaching them to sit wrongly because there’s nothing better we can do for our backs when sitting than staying in motion.

Active, dynamic sitting involves frequently altering our sitting position, thus encouraging the mobilisation of the musculoskeletal system. Even the subtlest changes of posture help, such as a shift of weight, a tensing of muscles, even breathing. The alternation between tensing and relaxing trains the back muscles and stimulates circulation. Due to the constant movement, the intervertebral discs are supplied with the necessary nutrients. Your breathing deepens, you relax and you can concentrate much longer on whatever you’re doing.