We have a passion for healthy sitting.

Ask your qualified specialist dealer which manufacturer is an authority in healthy sitting, and you’re sure to hear the name MOIZI.

And not without reason:

Since 1994, we have been manufacturing chairs that promote your health. Taking our inspiration from designer Peter MOIZI’s original ideas, we have dedicated ourselves to dynamic seating and have gained a high level of expertise in this field.

Our innovative ideas are centred on incorporating movement and dynamics into sitting, an otherwise very static, immobile posture.

Made in Germany

Our designers skilfully combine optimal ergonomics and contemporary, attractive design. MOIZI chairs are suitable for almost every aspect of daily life.

Here at our location in Brakel in the Weser Uplands of Germany’s Westphalia region, we plan, design and manufacture our chairs to the highest standards of quality. We use moulded beechwood from local sustainable sources, and we also pay particular attention to environmental compatibility when it comes to upholstery foam, textiles and leather.

We believe that chairs should be designed in such a way as to enable movement while sitting which, in turn, promotes comfort and health – and we put all our experience and expertise into creating precisely that. The flexibility of MOIZI chairs, effected by various light body movements, supports natural sitting motions.

The result – an extraordinarily relaxed, comfortable sitting experience. You won’t want to sit on any other chair again.

Stay in motion, stay healthy! Then we’ve done our job well.