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First-class seating comfort

Moizi 41 I 42

A perfect blend of beauty and comfort. Fits like a glove, it is often so beautiful. And they look pretty elegant from our two movement chairs, even when it comes to sitting comfort at the highest level they make no compromises, but adapt perfectly to your body shape. Whether with or without armrests, our models 41 and integrate Moizi 42 perfect in your rooms. The unique seating experience comes from a proprietary technology that Moizi has developed specifically. The seat shell seems to hover over the beautifully bent chair feet. The chairs are offered in three heights and are thus able to cope with different body sizes.

Breite: 62
Höhe: 85
Tiefe: 61
Sitzbreite: 46
Sitzhöhe: 47 | 48,5 | 50
Sitztiefe: 43,5
Angaben in cm